Stay fit & healthy in Ramadan

Stay fit & healthy in Ramadan

The Holy month of Ramadan is here, and if you’re wanting to make this an occasion to grow spiritually, and maintain and pursuit your fitness and health journey without completely bringing your training route one to a halt while fasting, here’s iTrain’s simplistic approach to cut through the clutter and make this Ramadan your best one yet!

The Ramadan Ebook is aimed at helping you make more informed choices, minimize complications and maximize the opportunity that this period brings!
This isn’t a period to try to achieve a new personal best, but rather acts as a means to improve your health ;it’s more than just a test of willpower, it’s also a means of holding out against temptations, enduring hunger and reaping the countless benefits that come with it!
That’s where the iTrain Ramadan Ebook comes in.
The fitness plan and recipes will provide you with the ultimate nutrition and exercise guide that will help you manage your energy levels, your weight, your fitness and strength without feeling weak or fatigued while fasting or standing for long prayers.
It provides a structured and progressive plan to pace you through the fasting weeks along with an eating and training schedule to help you stay the course. All this and more on how to best manage your eating habits, improve self-control and build discipline to help you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Let this season be a time of revival in spirit, soul and body.
There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food choices and regular exercise. This month requires you to give the stomach a break, and by doing so you are able to break down and expel the accumulated toxins from your body. To ensure that you can continue the
training throughout the month, the iTrain workout formula includes a simple steady training routine that can be performed between 2-3 times a week

If you are still facing a fitness dilemma, save yourself some sweat and tears and purchase the Ramadan ebook today!

24 Exercises
Weekly workout schedule
Ramadan Meal Plan
70+ healthy recipes (ifthar, Suhoor, starters, soups)
Grocery list
Online coaching

iTrain Fit community access

Don’t let uncertainty or fear keep you from improving yourself!
Taking even the smallest step out of your comfort zone each day will ultimately lead to your growth.
With my guidance, support, and motivation from other participants, you have all that you need to get into fantastic shape or simply maintain your fitness and eating!

Have a blessed Ramdaan!

Team iTrain
Your Dedicated Coach,
Mariam Manack

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