Myth Busting

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Myth Busting

Over the past few months, I have been speaking with many women from different
backgrounds, age groups and fitness levels in person, over personal messages,
through emails, and via surveys, and I got the same curious responses.
So many women know exactly “what” to do and eat… but just aren’t doing it.
When I dug a little deeper to find the real, underlying cause of this, what I found
super interesting was that every diet and fitness plan only explains “what” to do
without mentioning how to actually DO it.

Let’s look at three of the majority of responses and diagnose which of these
things might be holding you back:
 Laziness
 Lack of motivation
 Lack of self-discipline

I decided to do some myth busting first and then create challenges that teach you
more holistic, integrated ways to lose weight, get strong and feel awesome.

Response #1: “I’m lazy and undisciplined, so I’ll never succeed.”
Myth You’re Telling Yourself: “It takes a lot of work, grueling hours in the gym,
and lots of self-control and takes so much energy just to get started”.
Truth Of The Matter:
In the majority of the success stories, systems and habits took the place of these
excuses. Imagine if you broke down weight loss into 3, 5, or 10 simple habits,
each habit only requiring a few minutes per day?
That’s the essence I’m trying to get at here. And that’s what each iTrain
challenge tries to change. Small habits, mini-systems of functioning differently
that make up YOU that result in your health, your wealth, your weight, and many
other things.
Remember: You change things at their root – by changing tiny habits – and you
see real, long-term results.
Response #2 “I’m really unmotivated to change my ways, so I can’t
succeed without motivation.”

Myth You’re Telling Yourself: “I need to be super motivated every single day to
achieve my dream body.”
Truth Of The Matter:
We think that the most successful people on earth are the most motivated…
when realistically that isn’t true!
Take a moment to think about the last time you were “super” motivated. Let me
guess, you watched an inspirational video, had a great conversation with a
friend, or read an inspiring quote.
All day you were bouncing on your feet, with a cheek-to-cheek smile, ready to
take on the world. Fantastic, but what happened the next morning and the
following week? Back to square one, right?
Remember: Motivation is an emotional state – and emotions are fleeting. They
come, and then they’re gone. You can’t build successful health and weight loss
on that.

Response #3: “I have to give up all the foods I love, and eat a ‘strict’ diet.”
Myth You’re Telling Yourself: “I need to know ALL THE SPECIFICS about
what I should be eating. What kinds of protein? How much? Is organic worth it?
Low fat is bad right? Is dairy okay? This sounds like no fun. What’s the point?”

Truth Of The Matter:
I’m going to prove to you that there are more gentle, effective, long-term, health-
first approaches to wellness.
Focus on these three simple, tiny things
 Remove soda and liquid carbs that you drink
 Shift from boxed/canned food, to real, fresh food.
 Shift from refined foods to whole foods

You really don’t need to be worrying about what kinds of protein you should be
eating (for now), or which diet plan you need to rigorously follow, or whether or
not to eat dairy. For the majority of you, emphasizing a few key big wins, a few
key habits, is what leads to MINIMAL confusion, and thus MAXIMAL results.

Remember: iTrain’s nutrition prescriptions GIVE you the exact systems for all of
Which one of these barriers do you think is the main reason you’ve been unable
to lose weight long term?
Let me know if there are any questions or concerns along the way, and share
your success stories with us!

In short, all of these responses are assumptions. I just showed you ways to
focus on habits, systems and behavior change without calorie counting, simply
by eating real, natural, healthy foods and following iTrain’s workout plans.

Just a quick reminder: Book your body with iTrain’s upcoming challenge
rather than wasting any more time on what’s holding you back! Spaces are
Your dedicated coach,
Mariam Manack