Consistency does not have a time frame, rather results as you keep moving

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Consistency does not have a time frame, rather results as you keep moving

We're always talking about being consistent to achieve results. While many of us may know what to do in theory(but struggle to act upon it), there’s still a lot to learn about how consistency works.  


What is consistency? 


If a dictionary or thesaurus were consulted for the answers, we’d find- 


synonyms:  evenness, steadiness, stability, constancy, regularity, uniformity, equilibrium, unity, orderliness, lack of change, lack of deviation, dependability, reliability.


Easily explained, right? 

Much harder to understand what consistency means to you, as an individual; However, in the choices you make and the kind of lifestyle you live, this becomes evident. 


Now take a moment to ask yourself a few questions. 


What is your motivation is behind wanting to be more consistent? Honestly speaking, how long do you think you should stay consistent before you begin see results? 

Do you understand what it takes to be consistent until you give your body the opportunity to begin to show these results? 


The truth is that, you’ll know if you've not been consistent quite easily. If you've been playing havoc with your body, you know, yo-yo dieting, or simply not sticking to the “plan”, then you have not been consistent. It’s what you do now, that matters; Even if your current state of body and mind aren’t exactly ideal and you feel dejected. 


Why does this happen? You’ve trained so hard, eaten clean but it doesn’t look like anything’s changing? Hello, stop for a moment now and really, think. There's an array of ripple effects that accompany the chaos in your system and reflect in the results you’re seeing.It’s not overnight success. Your body is designed to be controlled by you.You have the choice to choose to change! 


Firstly, never ever compare your body, your life or your results will anyone else’s. Simply because you're unique, so keep it that way! The girl next to you may get results in one Challenge and yes that's sometimes unfair, but, this is your journey and your story so keep it exclusive! 


I’d like to share some of my secrets or insights I’ve gained over the years with this tricky topic. In my opinion, I’ve learned that it's the sum of all efforts repeated daily with very clear goals over a long period of time. You may scale up your goals to match your ambition, but consistency with repetitive daily actions is the only way to make it possible. 

change to greater ones but the consistent repetitive actions make this possible. 


Begin by setting up smaller goals, e.g. “I need to attend all my sessions and prioritize them as I deem necessary”, or for instance, “I need to up my game and get all my homework in daily or attend an extra session weekly". It should be specific like “I need to remove processed foods and anything with preservatives out of my diet, or I need to have half a teaspoon of sugar as opposed to 1 teaspoon of sugar”.  Through this process of teaching your body what to do, you make better choices and in turn form good habits. Now imagine is you can just sit and focus for a bit today on what it is that you really need to do? 


Good things never come out of excuses, blame games, lack of prioritizing, and the like.  Remember, most people don't have the time to train, but make the time anyway out of respect for their own bodies. Listen to me, put the damn fork down, stop eating things that trick you into feeling that instant pleasure but don't serve your health goals. Cut out everything that is non-essential to the direction your life is taking now, and FOCUS! 


Yes, it's tough and sometimes not possible to be perfect, but make it a priority. It's about learning, and then applying all these tips to your life. Beyond that, the secret lies in practice, and by carrying over to each week, each month and each year. It's all good to be healthy for a short period of time, but adopting these good habits over time will serve you for the rest of your life. 


So stop wishing, stop imagining, stop complaining and start grinding hard, because if you really want something it's not going to be easy getting there,  but trust me you will get there. 


For now, sit back and think deeply about what you just read. Think of how you're going to improve your eating, think about your will power, your discipline your actions. Carefully analyse where you’re going wrong and how you can be more consistent. Many of you will be embracing the fasting month coming up right now, its the ideal time for self reflection. Use this time wisely to think about what living a healthier life consistently means, and above all else, this exercise will solely benefit you.